Sorry. We encountered a problem


Yesterday it was OKAY, now on the same computer (Windows 7 - Chorme 62.0.3202.94) the application doesn’t starts and says : Sorry. We encountered a problem with your web browser’s WebGL support.

Skethup Free WebGL

What can I do ?


hello, bonjour ! this problem has already been solved there

We are also looking into this on our end. Please stay tuned – I will provide an update as soon as possible.


I tried different computer, browser and follow the steps, and it still does
not work. I don’t think the problem is solved. I was using alot
my.Sketchup for 3D design since it doesn’t has problems of version (using
Sketchup 2017 at home, but at school there is only 2015 installed).

Thanks for reply.

Jean-François Paquin, ttp
École secondaire des Sources

Hi @jean-francois.paquin. We are still looking into this issue, but we should have a fix for it soon. I will let you know when I have an update for you.

Hi – new user, same problem
windows 7 64 bit, Geforce GT 220

tried 2 browsers
Chrome ---- gave me message about browser issues
IE 11 — brought up form to report problem

both support webgl, use hardware acceleration is on in both

@d26brait Did you try this today? We just pushed out a fix earlier today that should solve this issue. Please let me know.


I’m trying on dec. 14, 2017 and I have this message now :

Skethup Free problem

However, this computer was working well with My Sketchup Beta.


Windows 7,Intel(R) HD Graphics, Chrome 63

Note : on the same computer, Sketchup Free works on Firefox 47.0 !?

Jean-François Paquin, ttp
École secondaire des Sources

Tried it this morning, got the same response as @jean-francois.paquin

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