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Bizarre issue. I’ve been using SketchUp Free with my class since October with no issues. This week (weekend 11/18/17) I started to get this message on my desktop computer with the Chrome Browser. I switched over to Internet Explorer the message disappears and the program loads up, although it is very laggy and slow. Fast forward to my students, they all work on Chromebooks and the program loads up on the computers but they are reporting to me that the program is again, laggy and slow.

I mention the timeline because SketchUp Free was working great up until this week (weekend 11/18/17) but now these issues have really halted my lessons. At first I thought it was just a server/cloud issue related to the SketchUp site.

I’ve looked through the post here and have tried the troubleshooting guides suggested, nothing is working. Furthermore, why is it, one day working great, and all of a sudden these issues started?

Yesterday, after a Windows update, I started experiencing the same thing in Windows 7 x64.

Not sure if this the cause or just a coincidence.

I’m getting the same thing - also happening when trying to view models on the 3Dwarehouse.

See all here: SketchUp Free failure to launch

it is happening to me also …the same problem

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