Sonder Detail Scrapbooks - Construction Details - Back Save to SU2019?

Hello All.

First of all, I have to start with Nick Sonder is a Rock Star. I love his work. I decided to invest thousands of hours and dollars in SketchUp because I saw his work and met him at SU Basecamp 2014.

I purchased his Construction Details package and it works with SU2020 and newer.
I use SketchUp and LayOut 2019. I have a yearly subscription to SU but I like having my work available in my Classic 2019 license in case I am unable or unwilling to keep up with the yearly subscription.

I have saved the LayOut File as 2019 in LayOut 2020 but when I try to open it in 2019, it says “Relink Model in Document Setup”

One detail came through and I can open it and edit it in 2019 so that confuses me.

Do I need to open/edit every LayOut detail in the SU2020 and save the Model as SU2019?
Is there a better way?

If Nick Sonder happens to read this, Do you have the package in SU2019? That would save me a ton of time!

Sorry, yes they are setup for 2020 and newer only.

You would need to back save them. I’m not sure why the link is broken with an embedded file. You could open the view port to edit in SU and save, then relink the saved file, but what a pain. I can’t guarantee all the auto text would work either.

Best to use 2020 or newer.


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