[SOLVED] Merge faces and edges in shown example


I am fairly new to SketchUp, so it may be that these kind of questions are very often: how can I merge all these faces and edges in these two objects – that in the and I can pull / push these two objects in total?

The only way I found so far is redrawing the circle – the eraser used with the edges in the middle of the two objects will straighten the circles. I also tried to push the faces, and union them without success.

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Push/Pull will only work on a single face. If you can delete all the triangulating edges leaving a single face, you can use Push/Pull. If not, Push/Pull won’t be the tool for the job. It might be an extension called Joint Push/Pull would do the job but it depends upon what you want to end up with.

How about uploading the SKP file and giving us an idea of what you want as a final product.

If you want merge this triangles into two separate objects you have to erase these edges with rubber or you can use cleanup³ Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse extension to do that.

I tried to erase the edges, but the edges on the side are straightened then – not too bad, and would be enough for my use case, but I am curious how to do better:

I also had the idea to export the object and edit it in for example AI:

There I have the problem later on how to combine the edges and have a face then to push / pull:

Here’s the *.SKP file BTW: Merge_Example.skp (2.1 MB)

I’ll try out the plugin mentioned before!

You don’t need any plugins, this is very simple Sketchup fundamentals.
If you want smoother curves add more segments to the circle.
You are also working at a very small scale, so you need to be looking at the Dave Method.

@Madhias, thanks for providing the video of what happens when you erase the edges. I don’t understand why the arcs have their segment count reduced as a result of deleting the interior lines. That is puzzling, and unexpected to me.

The arc deformation was my first clue to it being tiny geometry.

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Yes, what I saw now is as @Box mentioned: the main problem is the tiny geometry (it must be so small though).

Like that I can use the erase tool (scaled by 20x):

But I also tried to recreate the circles (which I got from an imported *.stl file), which went easily – so that one is solved now, and I’ve learned a lot :grinning:

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