Merge components

I want to merge the components in the image to one building. If I try erase the lines the whole component is deleted. Can I join these objects in some way?The 3D model is exported from a map.

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Also delete the edges in the ground plane, (look at the bottom).

If the shapes are solids, you could use Outer Shell (you can see it in miahai.s’s GIF). It’ll combine the shapes and remove the coplanar edges in one step. No need to look on the bottom either.


He just uses SketchUp’s basic free stuff: group all selected groups, … and then explode the overall group’s content from within its context. Leaving some edges that you can’t see in the gif. Hence my “warning”. The 'Push/Pull operation in the end is smart to reveal internal faces, if any, but not the coplanar edges away from the camera.

Outer Shell is available in SketchUp Make.