Trying to merge shapes and create solids but not working

Hello there,

I haven’t touched Sketchip for a while and am really struggling to get back into it.

I am trying to make a model of a wall mount for headphones. I started by creating two circles with the correct dimensions, then drawing a line to get the correct spacing between the two circles. Finally, to get the correct shape, I added two lines to make a cone shape.

I multi-clicked to try and select all parts before clicking on the push/pull tool but that doesn’t do anything. I also cannot use intersect, outer box or any of the other options.

I tried making a component, this made no difference.

I tried making a group, this made no difference.

This program is great, but when you forget how to use it properly it is a nightmare. What should I be doing?

Thanks for your help.

Use the eraser tool to remove the inner edges so you have one face, then use push/pull.

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Wow, thank you. The solution seems so simple but I couldn’t figure it out!