Push pull curved area

i want to push pull curved area but
i couldn’t push/pull curved area with push tool.
what tool or method can push pull curved area?
resize.stl (6.8 KB)

Push/Pull works on single faces only. There’s an extension call Joint Push/Pull that can work on multiple faces but you need to have a desktop version of SketchUp installed to use it. The Web versions don’t have the ability to use extensions at this time.

In your case the best option would be to redraw it. You could erase all but the end profile and an outer edge and use Follow Me to remake the shape.

It’s great that you are sharing a file so we can see what you’ve got but please share the actual SketchUp (.skp) file instead of an exported stl. The stl will typically be triangulated and not be a good representation of your model.

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thanks you so much ! ^^ resolved!

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