Push/Pull entire model


Is there a way to push/pull an object that is already rendered like the link below?

Wanting to add this logo to a cell phone case, but the emblem in the link above is too high. Seems like there has to be a way to cut the height down somehow, but maybe the push/pull feature is not the tool to do that with. Any other suggestions?


once you import the stl into your skp you can use either ‘push/pull’ or the ‘Scale’ tool to change it’s size…


The problem is the curved edges of the emblem, it doesn’t allow me to grab the entire model and pull it all down at once. I understand that there are limitations to what surfaces can be pushed/pulled down, but was hoping there was a way to make it happen for a model like this.


on import use ‘Merge Coplanar’ and you can ‘Push/Pull’ on each face…
or select all top faces and use ‘Move Tool’ + the ‘Up’ arrow to lock direction…
or select all edges [make group is optional] then ‘Scale Tool’ top middle handle…

they all work, import as cm if still having issues…


Have a look at Fredo’s excellent JointPushPull extension: http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t=54771#p496773