SKU 2023.1 Release

Not sure about the answer…but what are you modeling there?

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a kind of daybed for a Sauna…
with the electrical equipment under it…
What were you thinking about?

was thinking something like that…some kind of air/water flow system of some kind. Cool project!

I replicated your video in my Layout with the same TB-Plain symbol and it was working fine as long as the invisible leaders touched the model in the viewport. Perhaps one thing you could try is to make your own scrapbook and your own figure title symbol. You could try making it one leader text block that includes both the SceneName and Scale so that only one invisible leader is required. You could also try seeing if the “Ratio” auto-text is working any better than the “Scale” auto-text.
figure title


that works perfectly. Nevertheless, strange that the shipped scrapbook items for my layout
don’t work well. But now it fits, thanks :+1:

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Icon Size the newest version 2023.1.xx Sketchup

After upgrading to the newest version of SU there is some issue concerning icons size.
They (attached-please-find an images) keep the same size (large) despite setting the icon size to small (Large Icon box disabled).

Would it be any solution to fix it?

Thank you in advance


they could have been pink, the year of the Barbie movie

Thanks Colin, I’ll try that…had about 20 bug splats today as I keep forgetting to save before selecting another scene :smile:

How did I not realize that workaround sooner :melting_face:

We’re very close to finding the reason for the crash. It’s very specific steps needed to make the crash happen, and one of those steps is that Scan Essentials needs to be installed and active. If you are working on models that don’t need Scan Essentials, disabling that (and restarting SketchUp) should stop the crash from happening.

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Icon Size issue

I have noticed this on the Mac side

I find disabling scene thumbnails on all scenes stops SU from crashing on scene updates. Would be great if there was a “Disable Scene Thumbnails” check box in the preferences or model info settings.

Thanks Colin,

I tried the workaround and turned on scene transitions set to zero but it still crashed.

Just disabled Scan Essentials and it seems to work (don’t even know why I’ve got it installed as I’ve only have a pro license) :man_shrugging:

That’s an interesting point. There is only one installer now, and Scan Essentials may have been turned on when you installed. At the installer stage there isn’t a way to check what subscription you have, you may not have even signed in yet.

I didn’t state the specific steps, but having the Scenes tray expanded to show the Details view is one of them. I’m not surprised that disabling thumbnails also works, but collapsing Scenes would also work.

Anyway, all good now, not had one crash since disabling ‘SE’…it’s just the mysterious shrinking components now but I can put up with that.

Thanks Colin :+1:

Sorry I will never get used to that poor work.

I have to go back to the previous release to reliably get PDFs out of Layout.

I think I deleted the previous one… but yeah seems better