Skill building: modeling an existing bunker, need efficiency advice please

You guys have been so helpful, hope you don’t mind me asking for efficiency advice.

Attached are skp file in progress Watersmeet Bunker.skp (140.7 KB)

And photo of the actual bunker I’m trying to model for practice.

I’ve got a very hodgepodge floor plan here to start, with plans to clean it better before raising walls. I’ve already experimented with offsetting the floor and using the ‘follow me’ function to roll the corrugated metal walls up over the arc to make the basic pipe shape just to make sure it will work when I’m actually ready for it.

As you can see, in the very back right corner I have started making small arcs over the wall line in opposition, 3” long with a 3/4” bulge. Since I am treating this as a skill building exercise, and I have 24’ to go in 3” increments, is there a smarter way to go about these tiny curves? There must be. I can +select a few of them and hit copy, but they don’t paste?

Also, if you see something I’m doing that could be better/ smarter/ more efficient, feel free to throw it out there.

All in the interest of learning. Gotta make some mistakes.

I can’t be specific because I don’t have an Ipad, but you need to get your head around some fundamentals.
You need to understand groups and components and how to move copy to make arrays and how the number of segments used can be important, less is more.
Here is a very simple example of how to use one arc to create a whole wall. I’ve made no effort for this to be accurate, it is just the process I’m showing.


Excellent! I will go research all these terms and how they are accomplished. Thank you!

Here is the Watersmeet Bunker.skp (1.3 MB) as far as I am taking it. Thank you for all your help! I’m stopping here because most of this structure is underground (except the log doorway) and this is more than enough to give a client a base structure for ideas for their conversion from bunker to sauna.

I learned a LOT on this one.

thank you again!

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As near as I can figure, the Follow Me, Right Click and Edit a Group or Component trick can’t be done on iPad. Am I right? If so, you can still do the follow me, but the path and profile will have to be at the same context level.

As I mentioned, I have no ipad so I don’t know, and I was only showing a concept/method at this point, not actually answering a specific question.

True enough! I was tossing the question out to the rest of the community in case I’m mistaken and not seeing it.

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Perhaps @MikeTadros can answer that.

cross-posting here and in this thread: Group edit with Follow me Missing

Confirming that the workflow for choosing a path outside of the current context is not yet possible. The best workflow, currently, is to copy the path from the other context and then paste in place within the context of the profile before then using the Follow Me tool.