Group edit with Follow me Missing

This is a function I use all the time on the desktop and it is unavailable on the Ipad.
Select the path, activate the Follow Me tool, right click on a group that contains the profile and choose Edit Group/Component, click on the profile face. This produces a follow me object contained within its own group with the path outside. This is extremely useful for using follow me with double skinned geometry where a triple click won’t select it all, to name just one use case.

This shows an example of what I mean, although not entirely necessary in this case but I was making this shape when I found myself floundering on the ipad looking for a way to use follow me with a group. Sorry, it’s a bit jerky.


This (edit group to reach the profile) even works with the profile being in a group nested 4 levels deep. Probably just a “keep path saved in memory” to go even deeper into nesting although not advised. (Just experimenting).

So what you are saying is that you don’t have the equivalent for ‘Right click > Edit group > …to continue with an operation in SketchUp for Ipad?

Done with 4 times repeated ‘Right click > Edit group in context menu’

Yes, once the follow me tool is selected you cannot access right click, nor is there an appropriate command on the bottom context menu.

Definitely appreciate the discussion here, and have noted this workflow as something to take a look at…

Are you able to get by in the meantime by copying the path from the other group/component context and then doing a paste in place within the context of the profile before then using the Follow Me tool?

Yes that is certainly doable, but not ideal.
In its simplest form if you do that with a ring and a circle you will create a torus or donut, depending on how hungry you are, but it won’t be a solid as it still contains the path ring. Having the path outside the profile group saves on clean up.