Sketchup weird behavior

Hello everybody
I have a weird situation which constantly happening when I enter in groups and make some changes. I’m sure this is generated by some of the plugins I use, and maybe somebody had the same experience and could help me with this situation.
In atachement you will see which plugins I use, nothing craked, nothing unusual.
Thanks for the sugestions.

It’s not clear to me from your words or images exactly what you were doing when these glitches happened. It would help if you could provide more details than “make some changes”. The massive toolbar also doesn’t make it obvious what extensions you used (other than that you have a large number of them installed!).

But anyway, I’ve seen reports of similar things from an extension (sorry, can’t remember the name, it isn’t one I use) that cuts a door or window through a multi-surface wall. The glitch happened when the extension couldn’t figure out where the back surface was. I also had strange distortion of faces once due to a defective graphics driver, but that affected all the faces not just one or two so probably not your issue.

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first of all, thanks for your response …and sorry for my english if is not to precise.
More exactly this weird movement (throwing) of a face or a single segment is happening when I enter in a group and I make an extrude of a face or I select and move multiple faces in a group on one of the axes…then the sketchup enter in an autosave process and when finish it, throwing the selection in a unexplained direction and moved it on a different plan.
On the other hand I’m experienced in sketchp working and my drawings are very clean and accurate. My computer is new latest generation, before this I used an Imac and it was the same issue.
I know, probably I need to uninstall one by one the extensions, but I hoped somebody hade the same issue and discovered the solution.

On the question of Auto-save happening while you are in the middle of doing a drag, that’s something that happens in many applications. You would think it would be possible for the app to know not to do a save at that moment.

You can adjust the auto-save time in preferences, to make it less likely to cause a problem:

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The fact that it has happened on two utterly different computers suggests it has to be triggered either by something you do or by some errant extension (or interaction between extensions). I’m skeptical that autosave is itself the culprit, but there’s no harm in turning it off as @colin suggested to see what happens.


Yep totally auto save related. I get it all the time, either the corrupt geometry or moveing an object miles away. Drives me mad as its during the auto save, so the Autosaved backup has the messed up geometry too! Go figure.
You can turn auto save off or increase the interval time, but the latter is (literally) delaying the inevitable.
I don’t turn the auto-save off as SU is so ‘crashy’ For me, I don’t dare.
It’s been reported on this forum many times, so hopefully the SketchUp team are aware of the bug and will have it resolved on the next release. :crossed_fingers:

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@bifterx I’m curious…your forum profile says you are using a Mac with 1080Ti graphics. I wasn’t aware that Apple had ever used that particular nVidia adapter. Was that an upgrade you installed?

As bifterx said, it’s very annoying the situation, sometime is happening more often then other times (I do not understand why), but I prefer to redraw one object then remake 10-20 minutes of work in a case of Sketchup crash.
But thanks anyway.

Weird. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this happen to me. Maybe it has, but was so incomprehensible that I can’t recall it? Does this happen often?

I still think is about an extension, which has a weird conflict in the moment of auto save.
Quite often.

Hmm, so if @bifterx has seen this too, maybe you two should compare plugin lists and see what you have in common.

Hi, yes I built a hackintosh as the beginning of last year as my venerable 2013 MacBook Pro was struggling a bit with my requirements. I wanted the CUDA capability for vray rendering and photogrammetry processing in Photoscan Pro. Hence my selection of that card.

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It’s 100 percent not an extension (in my case)

I really don’t know what to think about this, as I said I had this situation on an Imac with full configuration and since last year I have a new PC…this is the reason why I think is about Sketchup and one of the extensions.
The only thing what I will can do is to deactivate each extension.
If I will have a positive result I will come with an answer.


I still suspect modelling issues are more likely the problem. I would explore solid modeling process too.

As for Autosave, I never use it, and never loose models (I don’t like discussing this too often, don’t want to tempt fate).

I use a simple “step system” - when a model reaches a significant change, I save it (usually every half hour).

As long as my graphics driver is correct - I don’t get any crashes either.(I am still on SU 2017 - so some differences and I am not suggesting switching to SU 2017 to solve any problems).

An easy thing woul be to tun off auto save first and see, rather than deactivate extensions one by one.

You can manually save too. So, have auto-save less frequent to avoid the geometry issues, but also do a command-s after each significant amount of changes to the model

@RTCool - does this relate to your LUT art post at all?

I would say not because the effects I see are strictly a display thing. Save the model, quit and relaunch, and the model itself is unharmed.

I never thought about this. Now as you mention this, I realize it could be only a displaying thing, because if I use undo, is undoing the process I made before the glitch to happened. I never tried.
But what is still weird is that happened on two different computers, and in the last 1-1.5 years…before that, never.