Sketchup weird behavior

Does this happen with every file, even if you start one from an empty standard template?
Display glitches like this also happen when either your model or any part of it are located far (say, miles) from the model origin, even if a group or component has its origin somewhere far away (might happen with downloaded components from the Component Warehouse).

in my case its mot a display thing and its undoable, because its happened during an autosave, Sketchup Is unaware that the geometry is transformed - so nothing to undo. I also have it on both of my machines over the last 18months or so, in response to Anssi’s post, yes every file, even with a new file with small amounts of geometry (like a cube).

its been reported before see this thread

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I thought about the axes problems, but no. New files from scratch, nothing imported. I don’t use to often imported models.

exactly as you said.

you both appear to use Vray…


I didn’t when the this behaviour initially exhibited. I don’t have vray on my other machine and it still behaves in this manner.

How does anyone know when an auto-backup is actually happening?

Because it’s interval is scheduled in the prefs.
And the autosaved file geometry is screwed the same as the live file. And it’s time stamped.

It might be nice to have a warning: (Autobackup in 10, 9, 8, …) so that users could abort the backup or calmly sit back and let it do it’s thing (or fix the Autobackup bug).


I have had this error before. It always happened as the file autosaved, and so was not able to be undone.

This is the old thread about it: Geometry Glitch on Move - model destroying - #2 by Shep

Since turning OFF autosave, I’ve had ZERO crashes, glitches, malfunction of any kind. Using Sketchup Pro 2018. I can’t recommend you do any particular thing. But I can share, as a computer user for 30 years, I learned to take care of what I valued, which is my hard work, by the school of hard knocks, which was LOSING my work. That teaches a person not to rely on the machine so much but rather, take personal responsibility for SAVING OFTEN. If you value your work, you will learn it too.


Sadly that was my solution too… Train myself to hit CTRL+S every few minutes as an automatic behaviour while drawing…

I have always turned autosave off for all the applications I use. I often try out things while modelling, and then either hit ctrl-s if it turned out well, or go back to a previous state with multiple undos. I do not want to end up with a model version that I didn’t want if I get a crash while modelling.


That’s it. Keyboard shortcuts are what makes you look like a wizard while average folks can just watch you in amazement. I learned that long long ago… So, the tip here is… When you realize you do certain things repeatedly and they’re probably things you’ll continue to do repeatedly, take the 10 seconds or so to investigate what is the keyboard shortcut for this task? Examples: Alt-F4, Ctrl-S, F11, Ctrl-A, F1. Those are all universal for Windows. Have been for decades. Learn one per week or one per month or whatever. You’ll be amazed. The vast majority of applications have their own keyboard shortcuts as well. The challenge for developers is to avoid conflicts with the operating system. Sketchup has them. I urge you to learn the ones you need.