Move+Autosave BUG

This BUG is following me for some time. I’ve captured it now :sweat_smile:

What’s happening is that when I’m performing a move or a copy to some geometry, autosave kicks in and crashes sketchup.

Fortunatelly what happens is that it performs the autosave and then crashes.

Unfortunatelly it crashes in the middle of a move command so it randomly moves stuff around before it autosaves and crashes.

This is what happens:

sketchup move crash after autosave.skp (329.5 KB)

It might be related with:

This is really consistent and happens everytime I’m moving/copying vertexes or edges around and autosave kicks in.

It also crashes when moving/copying components and groups, but there I haven’t been able to capture what happens exactly with the geometry I’m manipulating.

I suppose this doesn’t happen with simple models, but I don’t know.

Exactly. That’s been happening to me for over a year!

It only happen when I’m performing operations with (ctrl+) command to copy geometry around. Will be great is anyone from Sketchup could investigate this crash.


I assume people experiencing this crash have submitted the BugSplats with identifying info so that Trimble can track them down?

You assume right

I’d primarily suspect an extension is using an onPreSaveModel(model) observer that is being triggered by the Autosave…

Rendering extensions seem to be the worst for this but any that write Attributes to model could also have a negative effect…

If you check what attributes are in the file it can show you what’s writing them…


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I agree with John - my experience has been that when SketchUp suddenly crashes with no apparent reason it is often from a misbehaving extension’s observers. Observers run constantly in the background, and a user is not aware of when they fire unless a crash results! Observers have to be carefully written to avoid problems with “sawing off the branch you are sitting on”.

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I have installed few extensions, no rendering extensions though! but I haven’t got a clue how to investigate the attributes of the files. If anyone could tell me how, that will be fantastic.


I can tell you Trimble is already investigating several bugsplats with autosave.
We are aware of problems with Skalp in combination with autosave. We use indeed the onPreSave observer for writing attributes to the model. But there are scenarios also without Skalp or any plugin.

I can confirm that as I don’t use Skalp… (sorry Guy, it’s an amazing plugin, but my workflow is too dependendent on drawing on SectionCutFaces and having 2D hole cutting component details on them… maybe if this workflow is one day integrated in Skalp.)

you may not have Skalp but you do have nearly every other plugin known to man running 24/7 on that beast of yours…

Layers Panel is known to cause issues for example…

Autosave has been unreliable on a mac for as long as I can recall, so I’m hopeful for a fix now it’s affecting the Windows version as well…

theres a couple of ‘Attribute Reporter’ type extensions, @eneroth3 and @Aerilius both have made versions…


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LOL. It’s not a beast! It’s just such a sweet computer (well it’s more like something around a GPU)…

I would seriously have issues if I wouldn’t use Layer’s Panel. Basically I’d have to start using some serious software like Revit or the likes. I’d be damned if that they would come!

Let me add that I’ve been using Layer’s Panel since it came out, and never had an issue before 2017.

However my brother and fellow architect has had this same issue on previous versions.

So, this might run deeper into SU’s core, and just something pulled it to surface in 2017, as I’m noticing more people having the issue (or probably it’s just that now I’ve got the issue too.)

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