Random geometry jumps while using move tool

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using SU for a few years now without any issues, but after installing SU2019 I’ve ran into one.
When using move tool on an edge or a surface sometimes the selected object jumps somewhere far and it’s not possible to undo that. Undo works on steps that were made previously but doesn’t bring the moved geometry back.
This happens a few times per day on different projects and is extremely annoying when working on a more complex geometry, because after the jump you have to choose - reopen the project and loose some work or remodel the broken geometry.
I’m using SU19 with vray next on a machine with Windows 10, Nvidia quadro K2200, i7-3930K, 32GB RAM
Anyone knows what may be causing this issue?

How often does this happen? It might be related to auto save kicking in during an operation. Personally I’ve disabled it for performance but I’ve heard of strange behaviors with Move and auto save in the past.

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It happens a few times per day. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is somehow connected with autosave since SU19 also crashes from time to time while autosaving heavier files. I don’t remember this being an issue on earlier versions.

Autosave is the common denominator in most reports of this error. Autosave often causes issues.
Try turning off autosave and hit ctrl s regularly.
Personally I haven’t used autosave for many years and haven’t lost anything significant yet.

Autosave is a curious irony: its purpose is to let you recover in case SketchUp crashes in the midst of work, yet it is itself too often somehow entangled with causing a crash! I too just compulsively save frequently.


Thanks for your replies! I guess I’ll just join the club of “ctrl+s every minute”. Hope that solves the issue! Nevertheless, disabling a function doesn’t sound like a great way to fix software bugs :slight_smile:

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Looks like I went to conclusions too early. Thing keeps on happening also while using push/pull tool. Autosave is now off and I can’t figure out if this bug is connected to something else. It doesn’t happen too often, but is extremely annoying, especially when I forget to hit ctrl+s for a while

What extensions do you have installed?

I’ve heard of similar things happening due to one of the extensions to cut an opening through a multi-layer wall. I can’t remember which was the culprit or find it in a search, but if you have such installed you might try turning it off.

I’ve attached a screenshot of extension manager.
Before making the screenshot I have uninstalled shape bender by Chris Fullmer because it doesn’t work on SU19 anyway. We’ll see if that helps.

It does if you install the updated version found on the EW.

Good to know, thanks!

This happens to me as well on a regular base and it is annoying! a few times already hours of work are gone because its not “undo”-able. Please fix this Problem Sketchup Team!!!

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