Snapping to some point far away + unable to undo



Since I’ve started using sketchup 2018 there’s been time when I try to move edges of a component and it suddenly snaps to some point really far away, creating a completely messed up component. The weird thing is that I can’t undo the action. When I press CTRL + Z it “undoes” all actions except for the one where the snap happened.
There’s no other option than to redraw the component, which is not really time-effective…
Any ideas what might be causing this?

Also, I’ve noticed that the number of undo-actions has been downsized, could it be? Is it possible to make it bigger again?

Many thanks!



First question: how are you performing the move operation? Here is what I do:

  1. Select the entity to be moved (unless you are moving an endpoint by itself).
  2. Click (and release) the mouse on the entity or endpoint.
  3. Move the mouse; the entity or endpoint should track the cursor as you move the mouse. If you see SketchUp jumping to an unwanted inference point, either press ESCape to cancel the move and start over, or just keep moving the mouse until SketchUp “gives up” on that unwanted inference point.
  4. Click the mouse a second time to finalize the move.

It seems very odd that the unwanted movement action cannot be undone. That suggest to me something else is happening, not a typical move operation. Can you post a screen shot of the result of an unwanted move? (Use the upload button, seventh from the left in the forum reply toolbar.)

Regarding the depth of the undo stack in SketchUp Pro 2018, I have not used it enough to notice if the stack has shrunk.