Autosave in the middle of move edit


I know its been an issue for a long time that when the AUTOSAVE kicked in when you are in the middle of moving or rotating a model, the model got messed up. So far i haven’t find a post that addresses the issue.
It’s getting annoying and it’s eating up a lot of my time. Hello Tremble guys. Thanks in advance


How does it mess up the model? I’ve never had it happen to me.


Turn it of, maybe? Or are you talking about the web version?


Yep, incomplete profile. Again!


this is the thread awhile back and its the same issue im talking about


Hello TRIMBLE guys…have you looked into this issue please? It keeps bugging me almost 10 times a day and believing that my autosave will save me. Does anybody still have this issue aside from me?


I have autosave disabled, largely because the sporadic long save actions (for models with hundreds of thousands of edges and faces) are quite annoying. I manually save when I’m sufficiently paranoid during an edit session (which lasts for days or weeks before I quit and restart SketchUp). I use the Mac Finder’s Duplicate function to make occasional backup copies of some interesting state of the model.


Thanks for your suggestion but i encounter multiple bug splats through out the day and autosave is a big help to track down the work. It only got messed up when it kicks in the middle of mesh edit which tends the program to crash. I have this bug back in Version 2015 and somebody already posted this problem last Sept 2017, I wonder why Tremble seems to ignore this phenomenon.


Perhaps they do not take seriously reports from users who use a disparaging mis-spelling of their company name?


Trimble …ok there you go hehehe.


Hello Trimble…Its been more than a month since i reposted this problem on top of more than a year its been there posted by the other user, but for no luck, the problem seemed to be ignored. So far i haven’t found a solution. We are planing of upgrading to higher version and adding more license to other 15 more stations for a total of 25 licences. Now the admin is canceling the upgrade and shifting towards the other program.


I have the same problem. Why this bug is ignored. This is a big problem and costs a lot of time to clean this mess after bug. We are waiting some respond