Crash in SU2015

A number of Bug Splats were sent on this issue today: using move tool to pull a plane perpendicular, using the arrow key to constrain, clicking and then entering movement amount causes crash. I have a model that this action causes the error repeatedly, have copied an pasted into new document, still crashes. Have screenshots of the method used to cause the crash, and the model saved in case you want to try it yourself.


Can you submit those into support, pr private message me? Thanks.

I already worte a post about a similar crash, didn’t have any replies but I’m putting the link to the files

Bug splat files

Happen when moving vertex/lines or simple groups…Computer freeze when moving and then crash!

Any help will be great

Hello everyone. I have started today a new project and I had totally forgot about this ■■■■ problem. Moving/scaling/copy (Ctrl+M) geometry or groups will unexpected move some vertex really far creating a CfileException 5 and every time I press “YES” on the dialogue box, will create a new file skb in the folder containing the original file.
The only wait to stop it, is going through task manager and close the Sketchup process. During this last 4 hours happened 3 times, really annoying. :confounded: :worried:

Can anyone, please guide me to solve this.
Sorry for any languages mistakes. :smile:

I greet you , I have the same error and I can not get rid of it , you’ve already solved ? If so please advise me Your HOW?