SketchUp - Warning

I’m working from home so I brought my set-up (less my third monitor) to the house and set it up. When I opened Sketch-Up, I rec’d the following warning:

Sketch-Up Warnings

After a Google search, I opened NVIDIA to follow the recommended suggestions but my control panel looks different than the control panel referenced by most of the folks claiming to have a solution.

Anyhow, I went into Display Settings and designated Sketch-Up as “high performance” but I’m still getting the "Sketch-Up Warning upon launch. The program is clearly dragging…to the point that keyboard commands no longer work.

I’d appreciate any help you could pass along.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to restart the computer? Which NVIDIA card do you have installed?

One thing worth trying is to run SketchUp on your main monitor, not on a second monitor.

Several times. Important to this situation is that everything worked like a champ when I was at my office. Quadro P2000

Colin, by this do you mean that I should unplug the second monitor?

In a remote situation it is hard to unplug a monitor. I meant that Monitor 1 should be the Start screen.

Did you try right click on thesketchup icon on desktop and change the graphic processor to nvidia

Thank you, Colin.

Torsten, I will try that. Thanks.

Torsten, these options were not available to me.

Colin, could physically* switching the monitors have any bearing on the situation. (By physical, I mean unplugging the monitors and switching the inputs.)

I don’t see those options either.

Swapping the monitors may do it, or follow a guide like this:

here is a good description about the missing entry “Run with grafics processor”

Gentlemen, I appreciate the suggestions. Nothing seems to be working. My guess is that, somehow, moving from a 3 monitor set-up to a 2 monitor set-up has caused the issue. I’ll keep noodling with it, I suppose. Thanks again.

Now would also be a good time to update your Nvidia driver.
With Quadro cards the option in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings is called “OpenGL rendering GPU” , at least with some driver versions, if I remember right. Set that to point to the P2000 card, not to automatically select.

Are you connecting your external monitors through a “dock”? Some older models refuse to run OpenGL - it might depend even on the cable type you use to connect.

Thank you, Anssi. I’ll give that a try.

I had this problem, I called NVIDIA 3 times, the first two calls, I was given two different ways to adjust my settings - the third call, the tech walked through the issue and in the end, he asked me to remove the NVIDIA software and then reload from their website - this did a couple of things, it fixed the issue, and it set me up for automatic updates.

I’ve been away and off of my computer for 4 months, when I came back to it, it had reverted to the native card again. Apparently (anectotally), if you miss an update or two, it does not just automatically load updates in order.

Hope you find this helpful.
All the best,
Judy Ford

Thank you, Judy.

What does your NVIDIA control-panel look like?
Telling us that it doesn’t look like you expected really gets us nowhere…
Here’s mine…

I have restarted multiple times. Quadro P2000. I’ve also updated to the latest driver. Things only got worse after that.

The “Manage 3D settings” link does nothing.