Sketchup Studio | Vray - Licence disconnection (help)

I’m seeking assistance. I’ve been in correspondence with Chaos/Trimble for a few weeks, but still cannot use Vray. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this problem.

My licence isn’t recognized

What license do you have?
In a browser, go to and look in the member section.
What does it say on the third column?

SketchUp Studio, Not For Resale, annual termed contract

here is the error message

In the browser, type
What does it look like?

Does it say that next to your name in “members” also?

This is exactly where things broke down for me

Click on ‘online licensing’ and when you are promoted to sign in, use the Trimble one

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in the dropdown … I am getting

I wonder if my settings? are not correct

Ok, so that is usually a firewall or security related thing.
The Chaos license server (CLS) program that is installed on your computer that talks to Chaos’ online servers - all of the Chaos software then talks to that so it knows whether you have a license

The CLS for whatever reason is being blocked from communicating across the internet to the Chaos online servers - which is why you aren’t getting a “sign in” option

I’d try disabling any:

and try again.


cross your fingers

I was literally about to post a link to add things to the windows firewall :smiley:

Hopefully that will do it…

I wonder why it is listed twice?

going to restart… so far a no go

You might wanna try stopping the chaos licensing service, delete the chaos folder in the .common files and start it again

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trying that now

going back over this again… V-Ray Fails to Activate | SketchUp Help

it’s like a circular hellish process
I feel angry…

my account is active… it makes no sence

You should be seeing this, we need to get you there.
The license server needs to connect to the internet for that to be working.

I would try using an alternate method of connecting to the internet , to rule out something an ISP or a router might be doing

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