Server License

I’ve been struggling to access my server license for the past three days, and all I keep encountering is a frustrating “no available license” message. Despite diligently following the advice and file paths provided by the support team, I’ve had no success. Has anyone else faced a similar situation? If so, could you please offer some guidance? I’m in a bit of a bind with some pending work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Well This was posted yesterday, maybe it’s linked ?

@NateP is the issue resolved ? could it be linked ? (I also ping @colin since he might come around more frequently)

I’m sorry. My problem is for V-Ray. SketchUp works FAMOUSLY. Is this the right forum to discuss a CHAOS issue?

Ahh, I see.

well yes and no. If it’s a common enough bug, yes. But on anything harder, you’ll need to also ask your question on the Vray forum

I was inducted in error by the fact you published in the Layout section, so I supposed it was layout related.
I’ll move your topic to Vray then :slight_smile:

Uuups! Guess I’ll see if I can find that crowd of angry people. Thanks for your help though.

Is it a v-ray that is part of a SketchUp studio sub?