Vray license problem

Hi all, some help needed.

I have installed and worked with Sketchup pro 21 and vray for several months now but all of a sudden Vray (active license) appears not to be activated.
Activate license and License server don’t do anything when pressed.
Anyone knows what I need to do?

I just reinstalled Vray and now when I select ‘activate license’ I get the following message:

Did you check if the V-ray license is still valid or maybe it has expired?
Log in to your Chaos account and check the validity of the license.

yes, license active

edit: I entered chaos group page (signed in with trimble id) and it shows that I have no active products.
Who do I talk to? Trimble? Chaos? How can one company show it as active and the other as non existing?
I submitted a ticket to them but I’m also posting it here.

Did you had a trial of V-Tay prior to the Studio for Windows?
What happens when you type ‘localhost:30304’ in a new tab of the browser and sign out and back in?

What is the version of the license server?