Failed to checkout a V-ray for SketchUp license 2022

I can’t active V-ray in sketchup
Even I reformat my pc and reinstalled the latest sketchup( [SketchUpPro-2022-0-354-126) and Vray( vray_52005)

In these cases I’ve contacted Chaos to help with licensing for Vray. They have a website to help with this too.

Open a browser and type in:
Hit Enter.
Sign in with the right credentials

I’ve logged in from the website but it still doesn’t work

and I accidentally borrowed the license servers lease and it can’t be released

Any chance you have a VPN turned on?

no,i reformat my pc,i don’t have any VPN

Sign out on the machine where you ‘borrowed’ the license.
Or wait 14 days, it should automatically be released.
You can contact chaos support to release it, too.

I solved the problem
It turns out that my VRAY purchased version does not support the latest version
thank you guys