SketchUp not pulling in all points from Rhino



When I try to import a file from Rhino, it will not show all of the points. In my example, I have a file for a snap in kit for a boat and the file shows the snap locations in Rhino but seem to disappear when I import into SketchUp.
I have attached the file to review. Let me know if i am doing something wrong.225SS.dxf (119.6 KB)


What kind of entities are the snap locations?

This is what I get when I import the DXF file? Are the guide points your snap locations? If so, do you have Guides set to show in the View menu?


I’m not seeing what you are getting


Refresh your screen.


Got it. They should not be guide points. They should be tiny circles or dots to reference a “plot”


Well, evidently SketchUp’s importer converts them to guide points. Are they drawn circles like the rest of the geometry? Easy enough to go around and put in circles centered on the points.


This is what I am getting.


What are you using to import the file? I didn’t get any of those excess lines.


I am using the .DXF importer embedded in SketchUp


That’s very strange. What are your style settings? Are you getting additional layers? When I imported it, everything was on Layer 0. The outlines have a red color applied but there are no yellow lines.


What import unit are you using? Is it the same that eas used in the original DXF? Importing with a too small unit might lead to this kind of distortion. You can also try importing with a larger unit (meters instead of centimeters, for instance).


I am using inches to import


Try using meters and scale down after it’s in.


Didn’t change anything. Still has the odd lines in it.


Well, I can’t seem to break it either it seems to work fine without the odd lines in most units. Only mm imports pose a problem which makes the corner arcs not import. Likely to be SketchUp’s small face problem for that. The import geometry is planar and I can create faces too, it all seems pretty good.

Have you tried starting a “new” blank SketchUp file and then importing again?


I have tried that. I have tried everything I can think of. I could put the dots in, but this is just one file. I have hundreds to do this to and that is not very efficient in means of production.


What are you going to do with the dots?, I do see them as dots in the dxf.


Well I guess I should say the small circles. I refer to them as dots only because that’s what the CNC machine sees them as


They are dots (points) in the dxf file, but would likely come into SU better if they were circles in the dxf.

What is your goal here? If you already have the dxf, why are you bringing that into SketchUp if you intend it for cnc? Sorry to slide away from your initial question, I’m just trying to understand what you are doing to see if there might be a better way.


Yes this is true since the closest thing SketchUp has to dots is guide points. Guide points are volitale so it would be better to use some real geometry like circles or crossing lines.