Imported geometry face problems - Revit and Rhino

Hi everyone, finally decided to join the SketchUp forums after 16 years of using it… It’s been a while ahah

I recently imported geometry from Rhino and Revit (in two different projects) and even though I clean the geometry using the Fixit plugin and making sure my objects are “Solids” in the Entity Info, I run in certain problems :

  • Doubled faces : trying to push pull and then it turns out there are 2-3 faces stacked on top of each other
  • Not aligned lines : when trying to push pull some solids, it doesn’t move or when I try to close some faces rather than snapping on edges, it says “constrained by point” and the faces don’t close.

I’m familiar with The Dave Method and tried scaling the model up to avoir small geometry but even then, when using the tape mesure it’s telling me my edges are “aligned” (0mm in X and 0mm in Y, etc)

I also tried remodelling on top of the shapes but it feels that once something is imported, the file just behaves badly afterwards…

I’m wondering if someone has experience with dealing with Rhino and Revit imports and the best workflow to use.


Maybe you could share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Hi Dave!
Thank you for the fast answer, since I’m a new member the upload was blocked but now I can share it with you.
See the attached picture of the face I’m trying to close, same thing where the door and windows are (around the lintel)
SketchUpFile.skp (1.1 MB)

Looks like the geometry has come in rather distorted. The X values here should all be the same.

You would need to fix the geometry first but with such a simple model I think I would use the import as a reference and model it from scratch in SketchUp.

How did you get from Rhino or Revit to SketchUp?

How are you going to use the model?

Interesting, that’s why when I was using the Tape measure it said 0", even at 1/16 precision it wouldn’t catch those small differences.
I’m using this procedure
Normally it worked well but with this one it’s really struggling. Do you know if there are any plugin that fixes thoses planes by choosing the accuracy? Like align points that are coplanar up to X precision?
Thank you


No. You’d need higher Display Precision than 1/16". When I’m modeling I always have Display Precision set as high as it will go so I can see tiny errors if they occur.

Oh I’m loving this! This plugin was missing to my arsenal!

Thank you everyone! Very fast answer and problems are solved… I’m sold about this forum. See you guys around! @DaveR @mihai.s

Yes I’ll make sure to work with decimal inches from now on. Thanks

I presume this is a hobby thing for you since you are using 2017 Make. If you need to add dimensions for image output you can change the Display Precision and/or Units if needed when you insert your dimensions.