Imported Points Disappearing

I have imported a .dwg Survey with points and layers. When I import it all points are showing correctly. After moving around the model or saving the model and showing or hiding Tags…all of a sudden the points are no longer visible. I have zoomed extents…made all tags/Layers visible…turned all hidden geometry on. When i reimport the file all points show up correctly for awhile then disappear again. Thank you for your help.

Can you share the .skp file that you get immediately after importing the .dwg?

Are you still using SketchUp 2020 as your profile indicates?

HI Dave. I am using Sketchup 2023 Pro. I put that in the post but I was looking to see where I change my profile. What is the best way to share the file?

Click on the H in the gray circle at the top right of the forum window. Then the Person icon followed by Preferences and Profile.

Also add the OS version and graphics card model.

If it’s less than 16 Mb, drag and drop the .skp file into a reply here. If it’s larger, upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link in a reply.

Here is the initial import file. It seems ok but it is already missing the Nails in Stumps points it seems.

Here is the file from earlier to day when they disappeared.

The second file doesn’t have any guidepoints. The first one has at least some. Can you share .dwg file?

This is the .dwg file

LEE - 12-7-23.dwg (133.6 KB)

Never mind. Turn on the Nails in Stumps tag.

I would recommend replacing those guide points with actual geometry ASAP. They are prone to quick deletion if you happen to hit Delete Guides.

I would also suggest correcting tag usage. All edges and faces in the model should be left untagged.
Screenshot - 12_12_2023 , 5_10_18 PM

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Sounds like something you are doing is deleting all guides from the file. Check SketchUp > Preferences >shortcuts> type in “delete guides” to see if you have a keyboard shortcut set to do that, perhaps that is being triggered by accident.

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If it is an OS problem I also have a Mac Studio with the M1 and Lots of RAM running the latest OS

Ok…that is exactly it. I was not aware that the points were considered guides. That is what is happening. Thank you Dave so much for your help! After the third time around I was getting frustrated.

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Thank you for your help also. I do not have shortcuts for that that I know of but will check. But I learned something new today. That is great.