Preserving layers/tags when importing CAD dwg

Hi, I just started using skp’ 23, coming from skp '19, and found that a dwg file that I have imported previously in skp '19 with its layers, now no longer gets imported with its layers but just gets one ‘untagged’ tag.
Other dwg files get imported as they used to, with layers/tags.
What can be the issue ?

Oops, sorry, it just seems to last pretty long but the layers/tags did show up now…
Sorry again

Just a tip, they DWG will have the layers labeled with whoever labeled them before you got the file. It’s nice to spend a few minutes relabeling how you like it and want to organize after the import. You could also make a new folder in layers called “DWG TAGS” or whatever and just dump them all in one.

Food for thought.

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it’s a known bug, SU-54978, I recall mentioning it this summer, and Colin confirmed it back then (hence the bug number)
basically, on SU23, on a mac, when you import a dwg/dxf or even a skp file, at times, it won’t immediately update the tag panel.
It’s pretty inconsistent, I haven’t experienced it in the past 2-3 month, or at least I didn’t noticed it.

the workaround should still work :

  • Either loose focus of sketchup and come back. for example, go to a regular finder window, or open your browser to post about it (:wink: )then go back to sketchup. Pretty sure that’s what “unblocked” your situation, you going to your browser :slight_smile:
  • in the tag panel, up top, the search bar, just type a letter and delete it. it’ll have reset the panel properly.

Thanks for the update and the tips.
The plans I receive are already a mess sometimes with way too many useless layers etc, but without them it woud be even worse and I would have had to return to SU19.