SKP tags to CAD layers?

Hi! Is there any way to export skp view to dwg format so that the tags reflect the layers in cad later?
That might be very helpful :slight_smile:

It is not direct, but you can set style to ‘Color by Tag’/color by material in SketchUp, export to DWG, and in Autocad involves creating layers and assigning them to the geometry selected by color (with Quick Select…).

Unfortunatelly, when Im exporting drawing to DWG, all lines are in one (default) layer :confused:

Yes, but in the DWG file every geometry that had a layer is colored in different colors. And as I said, in Autocad you need to create the desired layers and select the geometry (based on color, with Quick Select) you want to assign.

Quick Select in Autocad


Sorry, I was wrong. The point is that after the export, I have all the lines in the same color (in DWG), without distinguishing between the individual tag colors. Maybe there is an option for that when exporting files?

Got It! I didn’t select “color by material” in styles settings. That works :slight_smile: thank you!


You are brilliant

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Note that this discussion refers to the DWG files you create by exporting your SketchUp model as a 2D Image.
3D Models export to DWG with tags converted into layers.

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Skalp allows a 2D export to DWG with layers. It’s perfectly achieved. It’s a paid plugin and totally worth it. Hatches created by skalp also will translate to CAD hatches.

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