How to remove Untagged Layer/tag for DXF export

I am using Sketchup Pro 2021 to create dxf and dwg files for use in another program, but that program has strict rules for naming layers/tags. It appears that Sketchup’s untagged layer is getting transported into both dxf and dwg versions of the file, which causes the other program to crash. Is there a way to remove (or rename) the untagged layer/tag before export? Could there be another way to open and remove the untagged layer after the dxf/dwg file is created? Further info: When I export to dxf/dwg with the two layers I need plus the untagged layer (3 layers total), and then reopen in a NEW Sketchup model, a pop-up window indicates there are 3 layers in the dxf/dwg file.

Open the .dxf file in a CAD program and delete/rename the layers as you want.

Thank you for the quick reply. I don’t have immediate/free access to another CAD program. I rely on Sketchup and Layout. Would Layout be able to do these things?

I will try it out. Thanks!

Trimble connect has a built in CAD editor

If you export from LayOut you won’t get the tags in the SketchUp Model. Instead you’ll get the layers you created in LayOut.

Thank you all. I tried QCAD and it saved a dxf file in a format that worked. I’ll also look into Trimble Connect.