How to hide untagged layer in new version of Sketchup Web

Looks like some changes/improvements were made recently. Now, when I show the tags, Untagged isn’t displayed. Or maybe I hit a wrong key or did something accidentally that hid that tag/layer?

Untagged was deliberately removed from the tags window in the web versions recently. It’s not something you did. Evidently the web team is trying to steer people away from misunderstanding and misuse of untagged.

Great. My model got messed up and I’m trying to restore from history. But as I’m going back through previous versions, the untagged layer is hidden — and apparently I have no way to unhide it. This is a really ill-advised, ill-considered change.

What exactly are you trying to do that you need to see Untagged in the Tags list? If you are just trying to fix incorrect tag usage and make the geometry in the model Untagged, you can do that in Entity Info.

I’m trying to restore (from history) a model that got messed up. It’s a model of a folding workbench. (You’ve seen it and helped me with it before.) I created layers for cut plans (i.e. a 4K x 8’ sheet of plywood with lines on it to show how the various parts should be cut) and similar such layers. As I’m going back through my history, once I get to the point where the problem is gone, many of the revisions come up showing one of the cut plan layers - with the untagged layer hidden. I tried doing “Unhide All” but that didn’t do the trick.