Tags not visible in SU2021

I was previously using SU2019 and have since downloaded SU2021. After opening a model, created in 2019, the tags/layers I had created for the model are visible in the panel but not in the actual model. It’s as if the layers still exist, but their content has been deleted.

Probably hasn’t been deleted. How about sharing the .skp file so we can help you sort it out?

House.skp (2.1 MB)

Well, I guess I don’t know how much stuff there was supposed to be but this is what I see with Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects visible

Interestingly, Marc is not even a shadow of himself.

I see that you haven’t been using Tags correctly. Untagged should always be left as active. In your model the Roof tag is active.

Screenshot - 12_7_2020 , 4_52_38 PM

Usually ‘untagged’ is the active one, I was messing around with them to figure out what’s going on.
There should be a LOT more than what’s shown on the hidden geometry. There’s another two floors above the base layer. If I inadvertently deleted the content of the tags I’m not really sure how.

It does look like geometry was deleted. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you were using components enough. There is a House component in the In Model components but my guess is it’s not enough. Fortunately deleting components from the model space isn’t enough to remove them from the SketchUp model file so they can be recovered as long as you don’t purge unused stuff. Groups and loose geometry, on the other hand, are gone upon Delete.
Screenshot - 12_7_2020 , 5_10_51 PM

I wonder if you selected a bunch of stuff, right clicked on it and instead of hitting Hide, mistakenly hit Erase. It’s been known to happen before.

I also noticed that the bulk of what is visible in the model space is all part of the terrain geometry which is generally not a great way to construct your model.

Note that tags do not have contents. Tags are assigned or put on to objects in the model.

To rephrase what @DaveR said, deleting a tag has only one impact on things that were using that tag: SketchUp asks you what other tag you would like to use instead. It does not delete those objects, just retags them.

Well, unless you choose to delete the objects that used that tag.

I was thinking the same. It’s worth noting for the OP that once the Remove Tag dialogue is set to “delete all entities”, it will stay set that way for all subsequent tag removals until it is changed.

That component was made on the other hemisphere, I guess? I had to turn it up-side-down:

House.skp (2,0 MB)

Ok, so I guess I forgot I made the whole house a component, because now that it’s been placed I have control of the tags again.
For what it’s worth, this did seem to solve the issue. Thank you for your help!