Can't create new objects in existing model

I have had a model for a while and just opened to tinker. I can modify any object that is existing, but can’t seem to create any new objects. Also when I grouped some existing objects, they also disappeared.Utility pavilion.skp (389.4 KB)

Appreciated any help. File attached

For some reason you have Untagged hidden, click the little eye icon next to Untagged and you should be good to go.
You are using Tags incorrectly. All raw geometry should be untagged and only groups and components should be assigned a tag. Always leave Untagged as the active tag.


I’ve fixed your model by setting all geometry (edges and faces) to Untagged as they should be. Box is setting you on the straight and narrow. I also purged some unused stuff from your model.
Utility pavilion.skp (285.5 KB)

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When I open this file I see untagged as the active tag yet hidden. That is not supposed to be possible! In the desktop version you get an error if you attempt to hide the active tag and it is unhidden if you make it active. Does the web version behave differently?

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I expect this is a side effect of the change the made to the way tags are managed in the web version.

It was weird. Tags didn’t exist when this model was first created. I assume something went wrong when the web app was upgraded. Thx

I don’t have untagged appearing in my tag list

Many thanks!

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Layers were renamed to tags more than a year ago. They should be handled in the same way layers were to be handled back then. As Box wrote, ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components get tagged.

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Yes, when opened in the web version Untagged doesn’t exist.
This has probably been caused by the changes recently made to Tags and incorrect usage of tags/layers in the original model.
The new settings don’t know how to cope as I’m guessing the original had the active layer/tag changed, so it is hidden but doesn’t show in the list and has been made active.
Basically a bit of a mess.

Good to know about the usage of layers/tags. I come from CAD world where everything has a layer assigned

It’s easier in SketchUp. If you leave Untagged as active and only give objects tags, you never have to concern yourself with which one needs to be active when you are modeling and making edits to those objects. No chasing tags or layers like you have to do in CAD. Less chance of creating errors that way, too.

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