Untagged Lost

So, everything seems to be fine BUT… I just noticed as I near completion of an entire set of house plans and construction documents that the little pencil in TAGS is not on Untagged as, apparently it should be. I am not sure how it got moved. I put it back but wonder…

What issues could arise?
How can I tell what I drew in tags other than untagged?
If I can figure out what was drawn elsewhere, can I put it back to untagged?

Missing Layer 0…

Untagged is the same as Layer0. Only the name changed.
You change the active tag as before, click in the far right column where the pencil is.

So, even though I have been drawing in a different layer, maybe for months, all is okay just putting the pencil back to untagged now?

Oops, a different TAG I mean…

Yes, switching back to untagged will NOT cause a problem of itself, that is where the pencil should be. It would be worth checking for any loose raw geometry on the tag you had the pencil set to. It’s worth spending a moment to fix if there might be raw geometry with other than Untagged as it will interact with other raw geometry in the model and could break things. Depending on how many objects there are on the tags that you suspect you were modeling on, it might be best to delete that tag, tell SketchUp to dump all that tag onto Untagged in the window that pops up, then reassign the bits you want back to a new tag with the old name, leaving any raw geometry behind on Untagged.

As long as most of your model is grouped or in components then the it should be safe from interaction, as raw geometry only interacts with other raw geometry.

Thanks! Makes sense. Since the Tag only controls visibility, how can I tell what was drawn on the wrong Tag?

Get TIG’s Default Layer Geometry and let it go through the model and make all the edges and faces untagged again. It refers to layers but it works in SU2020 with no problem.

It can be hard to tell if there was raw geometry put on a tag and then made a group or component. You might have groups assigned to a tag that have raw geometry assigned to another tag inside of them. You could try turning the visibility off for every other tag except the one you suspect then checking manually.

I believe Tig’s extension can move all raw geometry to “layer 0” without effecting tags on groups or components.

Thanks. I used the TIG extension. Every single thing I draw is at least a group and more frequently a component of a component within a group.

Tough to tell that TIG did anything. It was a fraction of a second to do whatever it did. I guess that might be a good sign!?

Since I was having no issue I will assume all is well at this point. Are there signs that develop from drawing in the wrong tag that would cause me to suspect something has gone awry?

Thanks for the TIG suggestion!

You should have gotten a message telling you how many edges and faces were processed. I intentionally changed some geometry in my model to tagged and ran the extension to get this.

Screenshot - 2_22_2020 , 3_54_37 PM

If you open a group for editing and select the geometry, does it show as untagged?

Nope, no message. Groups do not show untagged. They still show on tags.

All I get is a Yes or No option I click yes. Then, I guess, nothing is happening…

I was asking if the edges and faces in the group show as untagged.

If you aren’t getting a message panel like the one I showed, try restarting SketchUp and see if you get a different result.

Faces and Edges are not untagged so nothing is happening. I restarted computer and Sketchup. The signature for the extension is outdated. I enable it and apply changes but the setting does not stick. I also confirmed the Unrestricted loading policy but it is clearly not working. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and that has no effect either. It seems to load and ask me the yes or no question. Weird.

It is enabled and staying enabled but nothing any different happening.

It might be working fine. I do not get a second pop up when I use the Extension on my mac. I click “yes” and then I get no confirmation window but the extension is running. Draw some raw geometry, say a rectangle, give it another tag besides untagged and then run the extension, then check the tag of the geometry, it should have been moved back to untagged.

Clean up3 also provides this function along with other useful clean up features.

Breakthrough. It will not process the whole model. It will not process groups. However, in Outliner, I expanded each group and selected all the components and it worked. So, I just went through all of them. This model has a little over 200k faces and edges and I would guess perhaps 5-10k were not untagged. It does give the popup for components and it does appear to be fixing nested components. No groups and not the whole model at once.

Thanks again!!!

Faces and edges should be shown as untagged. Only groups and components should get tags.