Best Modeling Practice - Violation by SketchUp!

Shame on you SketchUp!

I think most everyone at SketchUp and here in the forum will agree that it’s best practice to avoid drawing anything new when the Active tag is anything other than “Untagged”.

So why do I see the following - in an email from SketchUp I received yesterday? Subject was “From barren wasteland to urban oasis”:
I added the red oval and the callout.

The picture above was one of two promoting the subject:
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True that it’s best practice to keep all raw geometry untagged and then make it a group or component and assign to a tag from there. The image you shared however doesn’t indicate that anything is being drawn on that tag…it’s just showing that it is the current tag.

True in the abstract, but the “best practice” is to always keep the pencil icon on the “Untagged” line - so you don’t accidently create any geometry with a tag.

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I have to agree that it is not a good image, not for the reasons stated but because of what is actually in the Image. Taken out of context as I don’t have the email to reference.
It is showing using the New tag tool and suggests that you should change the active tag when using the tool, when in fact the tool uses the highlighted tag and not the active tag.
Having the active tag as Untagged (or even another Tag) while using the Tag tool to assign the tag Center Buildings to a group would be better.

Here’s the context:

The same text and images is also in a blog post.

I wonder if the person taking the screenshots was trying to show the Tag tool, and happened to click at the right end of the row.

One use case for intentionally setting another tag as the active tag, and keeping with the best practice of only having raw geometry on Untagged, would be when you are trying to make sure that all raw geometry is on Untagged. If you toggled the visibility of Untagged, and all geometry disappeared, that would suggest that things are correct.

But, you can’t hide the active tag, and so setting any other tag to be active would allow you to do that test. That difficulty would be solved if it was possible to hide the active tag. Instead of showing an error to say you can’t hide the active tag, SketchUp would hide the active tag, then give an error if you attempt to draw while the tag is hidden.

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Another is when using the Copies attribute in DC’s and you want internal objects inherit the same as the original.
(unless you tag the raw geometry)
FWIW, the ‘best practises’ focus on new users and ‘easy’ workflows, but when dealing with other CAD interoperability or even Trimble’s own 3D viewers, you have to be more concious about the workings.

There is some loose geometry in that model, as well…