SketchUp Web Update, stopped working

Hi all - Been modeling a house for a week in SketchUp Free (web), working great. Then there was an update to to the web app. I don’t see a version number published on the web app, but the UI clearly changed on the tagging. Now, while my model opens fine, and everything seems to work ok, it no longer will add anything to the model except using copy/paste. Meaning, tape measure guides, lines, rectangles, etc. They all look like they’re drawing out, but then when final click, they disappear. However, if I select an element and copy/paste it, it will work.

I started a new model now from scratch and that works totally fine. I tried remove elements from this model (I wondered if it was growing too complex), but no joy. I also downloaded the .skp and re-opened it, that didn’t help.

Would love thoughts?

Have a look at this topic, it may be what you are experiencing

You’re a hero @slbaumgartner ! My probem is differnt and I’ll go report it on that thread, but this helped me figure out how to fix it. I’ll link it there. Thank you!

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