Sketchup Free Master Visibility issue

Hey people!
Recently noticed that ever since the last “tinkering” Sketchup for web went through, a very odd issue emerged.
In the former version of Sketchup for web, when using the Master Visibility in the Tags menu, I was able to hide all tags and then choose individual tags to make visible again…
Now it seems that whenever toggling off the Master Visibility option, I am unable to open individual tags anymore.
I used it quite often and it made my process much quicker.
If I want to “solo” tags, I am going one by one and deactivating those I don’t need.

I am probably missing something idiotic.

Thank you!

Nope, it’s not you…issue has been reported and discussed in other threads…it is VERY annoying! See Changes to Scene Refreshing and Tags?

Thank you very much good sir!
Glad it wasn’t one of those “RTFM” moments :sweat_smile:
Hope this would get sorted soon!


This should be fixed in the latest release. Please try again and report back.

It seems to be fixed!

Thank you!

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