Groups showing in wrong tag


I’m drawing a house plan and have two hip rafters that belong to my roof tag and they disappear when I turn the roof tag off but they also disappear when I turn the wall frame tag off. Any suggestions? I’ve tried changing the tags to other ones I have and turning them back but they keep sticking to the wall frame tag.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like the raw geometry within the groups is set to the wrong tag. All raw geometry should remain as Untagged.
Open the group and triple click inside and check what it says in Entity info, if Tag is blank it means you have mixed tags, if it says Untagged it is something else and if it says ‘wall’ or ‘Roof’ depending on what group you are in you know its wrong.
Attach the model if you want us to check for you.

Thanks Box, the tag is right and instance is blank. How do I attache the model?

If you are using the Web version you first need to download the model to your computer, then drag and drop the saved file into the reply window.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (Web). If that is the case, click on the menu button in the top left corner. Then click on Download. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, you can drag it into the forum reply window. If it’s too large to upload here you will need to upload it to somewhere like DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

Thanks guys, here it is
Alfresco.skp (9.1 MB)

Excessive nesting and different group containers along with the geometry inside have the wrong tag applied to it.

Look at Entity Info and Outliner on the right as I drill into the groups.

Top group tagged Roof…

…as is the next group in…

…the next group in is takked Wall Frames…

…as is this selected group…

.and when you get inside that one, the geometry is tagged Roof. It should be Untagged as Box indicated.

The fix in SketchUp Free is to go through and correct the tags in Entity Info as you burrow into the groups.

Thanks so much Dave it was doing my head in.

Looks like you are chasing tags as you work, leave Untagged as as the active layer at all times.


FWIW, you are creating this problem by not leaving Untagged as the active.

Screenshot - 7_17_2020 , 6_45_38 AM

I used an old extension to fix the incorrect tagging of geometry.
Screenshot - 7_17_2020 , 6_46_58 AM

I also purged unused and cleaned up the model.
Screenshot - 7_17_2020 , 6_47_57 AM

Screenshot - 7_17_2020 , 6_48_15 AM

Here’s the cleaned up file.
Alfresco cleaned.skp (1.7 MB)
About an 81% reduction.


You should also look at using components for repeating objects rather than groups.


Appreciate all your help Box and Dave

So I should draw all components on the untagged layer and then move them to the tagged layer when I’m finished?

Tags and Untagged are not layers. You should do all the modeling, creating raw geometry as untagged. Then only tag the group or component containers.

Do not assign tags to edges or faces. Only assign tags to objects (groups and components.).

Tags in Sketchup do not function as layers do in a photo editing program. They are to control visibility only.

This thought process is the main reason for changing the name from Layers to Tags.
Don’t think of putting anything on a layer/tag. A layer/tag is not a physical place.
Think in terms of assigning a Tag to an object for the purpose of visibility. You tag things so you can turn them on and off as a collection. They are a display device not a construction tool.