Most of my model lost. Problem with tags

This is my first topic, so I don’t know if I’m doing it right. ISorry if I’m not, but here’s the problem.

Today I was making my model. I had to go, so I saved the file with some tags turned off. Now I came back, opened the same file, but now mostly all of my tags that I turned off, have dissapeared. I can only see unassigned components. Also tried to turn on hidden geometry and finding my missing components on the components in model section. Can’t even revert the file.

Any help or explanation will be much appreciated.

If you upload your skp file here, someone can probably tell you exactly what is going on. If it is about 10MB or less, you can drag and drop it directly into the reply edit window. It if is much bigger than that you can load it to a file sharing site and provide the link to it here (but make sure it is set sharable).

I looked at your model and what you have in the screen shot is what is in the skp… nothing is hiding anywhere… did you run any sort of clean up or purge before you saved? I know there is an option in CleanUp3, for example, that will wipe out all hidden geometry.

Yes, unfortunately I did. I also thought of that. I suppose there is no way to get all of that back…right?

Unless you made a back up, not really, Once geometry is removed from the model and the file is saved, there is no way to restore it.

The file he posted WAS the backup .skb file, not the original .skp.

Doesn’t matter. That backup is not a mannually made file. It’s an auto update and it’s not any better than the .skp.

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Both files posted (skp and skb) contained the same info. I was suggesting that if he had done a save as in order to make a back up, that may be of some help.

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