Urgent - Missing Model


I am in urgent need of help. I have a large file which has never caused me a problem before and has not been resaved since it was finished.

Today, it appears that half of the model is missing. However, when looking at the components list in the model statistics, the items are still listed. How do i input this back into the model space?

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It’s hard to say exactly how to fix your model since we don’t know exactly what went wrong. Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Did you try opening component menu and dragging out the missing component? Dave, is responding and will explain.

I have resaved it just now when copying and pasting it all into another file and it reduces in size - does this help?

That doesn’t help us help you figure out what happened to your original file but if you’re happy to just go about copying stuff to another file, go for it.

how do i upload it the file is very large

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

If someone edits and saves it - will that affect my version of the file? Thank you, I really appreciate your time and help!

Drag the missing components (not yet in the model space) into your modeling space.
Do not use ‘Purge Unused’ yet until you actually used them again. Otherwise these components will be lost forever.

I would like to upload the file - however - will this affect my version if someone else edits it?

It’s not going to affect the one you have on your computer.

Maybe just forget sharing it since you’re so worried about. Do what @Anssi suggested and I’ll stand down.

There’s a bunch of stuff with their layers turned off and some hidden stuff which can be seen if you turn on Hidden Geometry and Hidden Objects.

Standard cleanup process.Fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_6_2024 , 5_27_50 PM

Lots of components and materials to purge but still a ton of remaining components.
Screenshot - 2_6_2024 , 5_31_29 PM

Purging unused components only removes the ones you are hoarding but not using in the model.If you had deleted them from the model space accidentally they will also get purgeed.
File size reduced by 65%.

Here’s the reduced file. There still appears to be a bunch of garbage and other unneeded stuff but I have no way of knowing what you thought had disappeared. Lookat it and see. Maybe you just need to unhide stuff. I’m positive you could clean this model up more than I did.

Thank you - i appreciate the help. i am going to assume the file has corrupted in some sort of way - this is what the file should look like externally

None of that stuff is there in the model space but you may have erased it before you shared it.

Can i ask what method you used in order to retrieve the plants within the atrium space

Whats strange is that it has never been resaved since it was finished and looked like this - have also opened it a ton of times since and never resaved - the date on the file is still the original that always worked - is there a known bug for this problem?

I didn’t go into the atrium. I turned on all the tags that were turned off and I turned on Hidden geometry and Hidden Objects in the View menu. That’s all I did beofre correcting your wrong tag usage and purging unused stuff from your model.

The only "bug"I’m aware of that would cause things to disappear from the model space is normally referred to as user error. Perhaps you selected those objects and then right clicked on them to hide them but hit Erase instead. They are next to each other in the Context menu and what they do looks the same if you don’t have hidden objects and geometry visible.