Model check!


Im hoping to send a file of a model i am working on to see if anyone from the community could check that im doing the basics right!

I try to add but it says file is too big! failed already. Any idea how to reduce a skp file in size so i can add it to this forum??


Instead of reducing the file, upload it to Drop Box and share the link. I’ll take a look at it and give you some ideas.

I’d rather see your file before it’s purged to see how you’ve set it up.

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You could try model info->statistics->purge unused. That will reduce file size if you have some excess baggage in the file. Might or might not reduce it enough to post without using a sharing service.

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Thanks Dave, good idea…

Well, here’s the result of purging unused and cleaning up.

Screenshot - 1_12_2021 , 9_58_39 AM

Screenshot - 1_12_2021 , 9_59_39 AM

I see a few exposed reversed faces (there should be none in your 3D model). Is the bottom of the side door supposed to be angled?

Generally it’s best to apply texture and materials to faces, not the group or component containers.

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By changing to monochrome and setting an obnoxious back side color I see some reversed faces:

There are a lot of variants on the 18MM SHEET JUST FACES (indicated by suffix #1, etc.), but they all appear to be identical on a first look. You would reduce file size and reap the benefits of components if these were all copies of the same single component (unless, of course, there is some good reason they need to be unique).

You could probably use some tags to help control visibility of components while you work.

I got the same results as @DaveR from purge.


thank you, the floor is angled so the side door is trimed at an angle at the bottom, when you purge unsed is there a danger that things can be deleted or is it good prectice to just click purge?

good tip about the texture and materials to faces. so in that instance i dont go into edit a compnent i just click the face and B for adding texture.

Have i approached the outliner/entitiy info/tags appropriately?>

thank you. how did you change to monochrome and change abckside colour? was that in styles? woudl you mind showing me that process?

Only things that aren’t actually used in the model space will be removed. There’s no danger of losing stuff in the model space.

No. You need to open the component or group for editing and apply the material to the faces. Best practice (except in a few rare cases) is to paint the geometry not the container.

There seems to be excessive nesting of groups/components. That can make it more difficult to make changes to the geometry inside.

As for Tags, you haven’t used any tags. As Steve mentioned, you could be using tags to help you control what is visible and what isn’t. But before you start using them, it’s important to understand their use. Make sure that you leave Untagged as active at all times and that you leave ALL edges and faces untagged. Only components and groups get tags.

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Choose the style in the Styles panel, click the edit tab, then click the second icon from the left. Edit items there as appropriate. Then update the style. We are both using Mac, so this image should match what you see:

Edit: after purge, I see that the variants on 18MM SHEET JUST FACES are trimmed to fit the walls. That’s appropriate use of unique, though you could give them more meaningful definition names than #1,etc. to make it easier to know which you are working with.

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In this case it isn’t a serious issue yet, but I will point it out so you can be aware as you continue modeling: the THEATRE DOOR group contains a large fraction of the total edges and faces of the model. They come largely from details that won’t be visible except if viewed quite closely. I suspect you will be adding props, scenery, etc. as you continue, and if you get these from the 3D Warehouse you should always download them to a separate model and check them for their edge and face counts and materials before importing them into your model. Failure to do so can introduce immense amounts of geometry that nobody can see, bloating your model.

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Been through and reversed faces using styles. top tip. (thought i had been doing it correctly as ive been going along…)

Im now trying to add textures to the faces instead, when i edit the PROSCENIUM compnent for example, i click and then delete but obviously the how face deletes cos i added it directly? ~Whats the best way of rectifying applyiong textures the way i have?

Good point. Is there a way of removing that hidden detail and still using the component OR is it best to find an object that is smaller already in the warehouse?

Can i reduce some details with the objects in the model already?

There are often simpler versions in the EW. You can adjust the filter sliders to see which ones are simpler. Of course, it always comes down to how they will be used in your model. Sometimes a simpler version is really blocky and ugly. So, it’s a tradeoff.

You can always open a component for edit and either completely delete unneeded stuff (e.g. interior parts of a refrigerator whose door will always be closed) or redraw it more simply. There are extension such as Skimp (not free) that attempt to automatically simplify a model.

Another completely different approach is to work with proxy components while building your model and only swap in the detailed ones when readying for final renders. There are also extensions that make this process easier.