Reduce large file size

I’m trying to isolate a wall and some fixtures from a SKP model of a building that is 141Mb.
I deleted the second floor and half the first floor and I’m still at 141Mb.
I’ve used the Clean Up tool repeatedly, exploded and regrouped everything.
I’d like to get this down to less than 18Mb for mailing. I’ve done much larger drawings with much smaller file sizes.
This has bugged me for a long time. Any ideas?

Have you tried Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused?

Just deleting components from the model space won’t get rid of them entirely and as long as the components are showing in the In Model library, any materials/textures applied to them will be retained even if they aren’t being used elsewhere in the model.

Just tried that, no improvement. I also removed all non essential textures.
Thanks for your quick response.

Anything that is hidden or on layers that aren’t visible?

I just deleted any layers that weren’t visible. Still at 141Mb

Any geometry heavy objects left (tree, car, sofa, …)?

I have a series of fixtures and an array of TVs along one wall, I think that is where it is coming from. When I isolate that and paste into a new file I still get 128Mb. I’ve drawn similar wall before and they usually come in at <8Mb.
Update: I deleted 3/4 of the remaining model, ran clean up and I’m still at 128Mb.

You might also try the goldilocks extension to see whether your textures are overly detailed relative to the view.

I think I’ve traced it down to some wood textures. I replaced some dark wood with plain white and deleted some wood flooring now I’m down to 7.85Mb.
Next step is to redraw the floor and re texture the fixture to see if the problem comes back.
I’ve never had a problem with these materials before, I’ll see if starting from scratch will help.
Thanks to all, if I discover something I’ll update.
I need to go back to work for awhile.

Image used as textures is often a major culprit when it comes to file size.
Tip: You and can save all you textures as a collection, they are then saved as …skm files in a folder, you can then use the file explorer and quicky look at the file size and know which ones you need to work on. If you want access to the actual files change .skm to zip and unzip it.

selecting all and copy 'n paste to a new document helps sometimes too, switch on all layers and unhide all before doing this.