I need to reduce the size of my Sketchup file




I need to reduce the size of my Sketchup file from 115 MB to a 5 to 10 MB .obj file!
Is it at all possible? any ideas?


Hard to tell without seeing it. i’d start with Window>Model Info>Statitistics. Hit Purge Unused. Save the file and see what you get for a file size.


I already tried that. Not much change. Also tried the cleanup extension and still nothing. The size of the .skp file doubles when exported to .obj. It’s actually the obj file that I need reduced


If you’ve purged unused stuff, then obviously it’s time to start looking at what’s left and decide what you can modify or erase. Maybe you have large textures that could be reduced. Maybe you’ve got excessive curve segments and could reduce them.

Right now you’re trying to put 100 kilos of stuff in a 1 kilo box.


Run Goldilocks and see what it tells you.


try the remeshing filters of free MeshLab f. Windows/OSX.

Use the Windows x32 version which currently does support more file exchange formats.