How to minimize skp file size from 50 mb to 5mb

I Need this solution. I see almost all topics and tried almost all possible solutions and Extensions. (clener,goldilab).Acctually my file is make in solidworks and catia. Then i convert it in sketchup. Sizeis becomes big after converts. I have some files( about 20) with huge size(50mb).I need it in size 5mb. How can i get it. Please give me solutions.I suffuring this problem from last 2 years.

Thanks in Advance.

I would try starting with CleanUp Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Then Purge (Model Info Window - Statistics - Purge Unused).

What does that do to your 50 MB file?


I used that. After using that fize size reduce but not much. 30 mb.

What is this a model of? That IS a big file, but, to be honest, It might just be that big of a file. If you are importing triangulated organic geometry (something with lots of small surfaces), it might not be something you can shrink a whole lot in SketchUp.

Can you take a screen shot of the Statistics page in the Model Info window?

yes sure.

so, there is no solution of marge small surface to a big 1 surface?

can you add a link to an original file?

there are ways of reducing ‘before’ attempting to import to SU…


I just import solidworks assembly file in sketchup directly.

what format and/or what plugin are you using?

Artisan has a Reduce Polygons command. You could give that a try…

A surface in SketchUp is actually a collection of planar faces with the edges between them softened/smoothed so that it looks nicer. If faces are coplanar, they can be merged into a larger face by deleting the edge between them. There are some plugins that do this. But if they are not coplanar, as is usually the case with heavily triangulated surface model meshes, no, there is no way to merge them to simplify a surface other than redrawing it.

You may not wish to hear this again, but the best way to deal with avoiding very large models is to use effective modeling techniques. See this thread for more information:

Also see this topic:

If you could provide a sample of the large skp, a few of us might be able to interrogate the model and see how small we can make it.


The first step is usually to try and find what is making the file large and very often that is the materials you are using especially photo textures. Significant reductions of model size by geometry reduction is work intensive with small returns, but that may require filters out side of SU.
My first step would be to remove all materials from a copy of the model. If you have many use a plugin other wise it takes awhile to delete each a step at a time. TIG use to have one to delet materials on global basis. Purge model after each step.
If you get significant reduction you know what to attack. After you have done that return here with results and we can go form there…
When you are modeling keep the rendering load on the graphics processor small by working in monochrome. Posting model can help us help you but it is too big to post here so upload to a file sharing site like drop box and the post link here so we can find it.
BTW you can make the materials a collection. The corresponding skim file will report the size in its file tree and give specific info on the large ones so you can single those out for reduction is possible.
BTW do not think your model info screen shot shows all the items it appears it is not scrolled down??

Hi folks.

Another possibility is to use SU Pro and export as dwg.

Then, import back and check the Merge collar faces.

This eliminates all unnecessary triangulation of flat faces, thus eliminating a lot of edges.

I just tried this:

1 - Create a rectangle.

2 - Divide it in two with a diagonal to triangulate it.

3 - Use Copy/Move to create 99 copies to get 100 instances of this geometry.

4 - Saved the file. Its size is 60 K.

5 - Export as dwg.

6 - Open a new file.

7 - Import the dwg making sure that the box labeled Merge coplanar faces is checked.

8 - Save this new model. Its size is 40 K. This is a 33 % saving.

Also, using components for repetitive items is also a great space saver. With the above example, the final size is 28 K, more than a 50 % saving.

Just ideas.