How to reduce big sketchup file?



Hi we created a 3D model of the friends apartment in sketch up for a major school project I embbed in a website with full interaction capabilities. We are having one major issue, the file is TOO BIG! It’s standing at around 200 megabytes right now and I am aware it’s too big and I have no idea how to make it smaller! I can’t upload it into any software because it is too big, the project is due in a week and we are stuck, so any advice would help!! I went on 3D warehouse and found 3D models of apartments and homes interior that are even more detailed that mine and they are below 10 megabytes:

I would upload the file here but since it’s so large I don’t think it would even be possible! Please does anyone know how to make it a lot smaller while maintaining some sort of detail??

Thank you in Advance!


I recommend you give a first look at your materials. As a start, make a copy of your file and then delete all materials from the copy. Next copy and insert your model (from the copy) into a new empty sketchup file. What do you see so far?


Without seeing the file, it’s going to be hard to answer specifically. I see someone else is replying so I’ll type fast :wink:
Check the following:

  • Use components for ALL repeating geometry
  • Purge unused (via model innfo)
  • Resize materials -
  • DO NOT insert any files from 3D Warehouse without first checking them in separate file and cleaning them up
  • Use Thom Thom’s CleanUp to purge and merge duplicate geometry (especially if you have files coming from another source such as Revit or Rhino) -³
  • Use 2D or low poly vegetation if you have it in your model.
  • Gut your model - ie check to ensure there is nothing inside of rooms or furniture that doesn’t need to be there because it isn’t showing in your view(s)

That should be enough to get you started.


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