How to shrink an oversized file

I am new to sketch and am modelling a 4 storey home with all the finished fittings, surfaces and textures. my file size is 260 MB. I need help reducing the file size so that I can work with the model more easily and it will be more responsive. I have tried pulling things into separate layers and hiding those layers to make the remaining layers easier to work with and I have tried purging the unused components twice, the file is still running very slowly. I see that some of the suggestions on the community are to simplify or get rid of the textures on objects, but I need them to be present to see the finished product, I have quite a lot downloaded from the 3D warehouse, mainly appliances, windows, doors etc., no shrubbery (I have read this can come with a lot of surfaces etc.,) any tips are appreciated, I am under the gun to make a lot of changes to this model and the constant spinning wheel is difficult to be patient with.

Moving things to separate layers and hiding them will not change the file size.

First step is to go to Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused.

Yes. That’s correct. Best practice is to download components from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file so you can inspect, clean up and otherwise make them more efficient. At this stage, if I were in your shoes, I would be looking through all of the components that came from the warehouse to see what I could strip out of them. Often there is unneeded geometry and excessive geometry for things like logos on appliances or internal elements that won’t show in your model. Be ruthless and gut them.

Is there a dishwasher or microwave in the cabinets? Do the components contain more than the door? If so, there’s a lot of geometry you can remove because it won’t show. There are probably a lot of other components that can go under the knife.

You might also find that you’ve got excessively large texture images which could be slimmed down. It’s not unusual for people to use very high res images as textures. The problem is they are often much larger than what SketchUp will display so the high res is wasted.

It doesn’t help for your current project but for future projects, make sure you are keeping things under control as you go so you don’t have to spend time later trying to fix things.

Another thing to help improve your computer’s performance is to turn off textures. You don’t need to see them while you are working on the model. Switch the Face Style to Monochrome so your graphics card doesn’t have to render the textures. Take the time to also fix reversed faces if there are any. They can cause you problems if you plan to run the model through a rendering program. Turn off shadows, too. They are just something else the graphics card has to deal with.

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