Oversize files

My file is so large I cannot email it. It’s approx. 65Mb. Most of my similar files are in the 1.6Mb - 2.3Mb. They are all in earlier versions of Sketch up. This only happened after I started using the 2020 version of Sketch up. I tried removing components, etc but it didn’t seem to change much. Any idea why this happened or how to shrink this file. Thanks.

Did you try going to Window>Model Info>Statistics and clicking Purge Unused?

Simply deleting components from the model space doesn’t get rid of them from the file not does it get rid of the materials and tags they brought with them. If you are using a lot of components from the 3D Warehouse you need to be cognizant of this. Best practice for Warehouse components is to import them into a separate file to check to see if they are suitable and clean them up as needed. Also be aware that furniture, appliance and other components can be very “heavy” and bloat file sizes. This is not new to SketchUp 2020.

I did that and it took it down to 46.6Mb. Thanks Dave. Any other ideas?

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Go through any components you imported from the 3D Warehouse and strip out unneeded geometry and textures.

What is the model of?

Common culprits of file size bloat in architectural models are plumbing fixtures like bathtubs, sinks and taps, kitchen appliances and furniture in general. It’s not uncommon to find appliances with interior details like racks and in some cases plumbing for gas appliances. None of that is useful in the design of a kitchen let alone an entire house but that detail can add an awful lot to file size. Think of it as a big expense for little or no return.

Another thing that can cause file bloat is excessively large texture images. There’s no point in using incredibly large texture images since SketchUp will downsample them for display. You might look at editing the texture images to reduce their size.

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