File suddenly bigger (after importing 3DW components)


I’m quite new to SketchUp (Make 2017). Two weeks ago I started drawing my appartment and it became approx. 1 MB. Today, I imported some pre-drawn objects from the “3D Warehouse” and kept on drawing. I noticed it became 22 MB. I wanted to test what made it so big all of a sudden, but even after deleting all imported objects and deleting all self-drawn objects, it still remains 21 MB in size … I already did Edit -> Unhide -> All -> Ctrl-C -> Del -> Ctrl-S but there wasn’t anything hidden. There’s nothing locked either … It just looks empty to me (but I remains that big in MB).

It’s annoying since it slows down everything (on PC and on a viewer on my smartphone), I can’t send it to my architect and I tend to have a lot of versions, so I don’t want them to be too big…

What can I do to search for those MB and gain them back?


What you imported from the 3D Warehouse came in as components. Simply deleting them from the model space won’t remove them from the file. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused. That will get rid of unused components and any unused materials that might have come in with them.

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Open model info->statistics and do a purge unused. Components and textures remain in the file until this is done, even if they are not currently being used.

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Thank you both! The file reduced from 22 to 19 MB now, but more important: I’ve seen that my chairs in the kitcher are 10 MB (including those unused parts) and should better be replaced :slight_smile:

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It’s a good idea when downloading components from the 3D Warehouse to download them into a separate file, check them, clean them up and then import them into your project. Very often there are things you can do to reduce their file size and make them less of a liability in your models.