Deleted Everything in Sketchup, but File Size is Still Very Large

I’ve deleted almost everything in my sketch up file.
Thought it would bring down the size of my file, but not really.
The original size was 372MB and now it is reduced to become 347MB,
while i only have a few small groups (very simple model, not complicated).

Do you know why sketchUp does this?

I know starting a new file could be a solution.
But wondering what’s with sketchUp system?
Does sketchUp memorize history of our deleted large items…?
Is that why…?


Have you purged unused stuff from the model?

Window>Model Info>Statistics click Purge Unused.

If you’ve done that and it’s still huge, you probably still have some heavily over modeled elements and/or very large textures. More is just guessing though.

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The software isn’t adding any size to your model. Everything adding to the file size is what you added.

So many things could be making your model unreasonably large, including, but not limited to, overly complex geometry, too much geometry, or massive images used as materials.

Have you tried purging your model to get rid of unused materials and components? That usually does a great job bringing file size down.

HI, new guy here. I started using Sketchup (I have 2017 version which I kept as I didn’t really want to go to a web based program) about eight months ago to create a huge city like complex of rooms and buildings. I have kept it very simple, just basic boxes and this kept the file small. But when I got the more detailed elements of the model, the size started getting high.

I don’t use components. Strange, I know, but what I did was keep a copy off the item I repeated to the side by itself, and just simply referred to it when I needed it, so there are no components in this huge work, plus I found components somewhat disintuitive to work with. anyway. I am about 70% done with the model, but it has now grown so large (179 MB), it is bogging the machine down to a virtual stand still, and I have a powerful machine (ROG Maximus XI Hero Mobo, i(-9900 eight core CPU 3.6 GHz {I know, SU only uses one core at a time}, and NVIDEA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER GPU).

I’ve purged everything I can from the file, but I fear there is simply too much geometry in the model. I may be forced to split the model up into separate files and try to join them together, but then it would still be unmanageable. This may be a dumb question, but is the program so restricted that it can only use the GPU for its processing power? The funny thing is that even when the program hangs on some function that is taking forever to complete, my Task Manager shows only about 12% usage of the CPU, and virtually no usage of the GPU, nor anything else, so I am in the dark as to where the slowing down is actually taking place in the machine.

It seems that other 3D modeling programs like Revit or AutoCAD don’t seem to have this problem with file size, but I am trying not to spend a great deal of money on a program I don’t think I’ll be able to use. Does anyone have any suggestions or answers as to why SU has this apparent limitation that other CAD’s don’t seem to have? Or any suggestions to speed up the machine? I am aware of trying to bring the file size down, but that is going to be a real pain in thet if I am forced to do that. I would just like to speed up the machine, though i fear there is no good answer to this.

Thanks in advance for you attention to this problem of mine. Your answers are appreciated.

Open “model info” in “window” tab. Check if there is all 0 in “count” column, then your skp file should be in very low size. My suspect in your file is that you have so many “component definition”. Just search how to delete them. This is the best answer. Barakallah

You were answering a question from 2 1/2 years ago, I suspect jeriddian figured things out. For accuracy though, in Model Info you would want to choose Statistics before looking for low numbers.