Please someone slice my 9MB SKP file in a few parts (too big for web now)

I only have Linux computers so I am forced to use SketchUp web version (would gladly pay but… there’s no Linux unfortunately).
Two years ago I spent a lot of time designing a project that worked well in the web version, but today I can no longer open it.
They must have made some updates to the web version over the years that prevent that same project from being open back, and being my largest file (only 9MB) I suspect size is the problem.
My machine is a killer i9-14th with RTX and 96GB of ram, so I know that’s not the issue.

If someone here could:

  1. Open the this project file on Windows or Mac:
  2. Remove a half of the objects, save to file1.skp
  3. Cancel and remove the other half, save to file2.skp
    This would save me!
    (maybe even a bit more than half/half just to be safe, perhaps dividing it in four would be better)
    Thank you!

Interesting hobby project. I didn’t delete anything but unused stuff after I fixed your incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_12_2024 , 1_55_07 PM

Purging unused stuff removed a lot.
Screenshot - 5_12_2024 , 1_56_32 PM

acoustic-panels-furniture-02i purged.skp (5.2 MB)

You should fix the exposed back faces.

Thanks a lot! It works except that all the textures (“Materials” I think they’re called) are gone when I open that in web version.
These Materials were the ones provided by Sketchup, like “Wood Bamboo Medium” and so on.

The materials aren’t gone. I just changed the style to not show them so you can see the exposed blue back faces and fix them. Go into the Styles panel and select a Shaded with Textures style.

You should be making sure faces are correctly oriented before you even think about adding materials. Also purge unused components, materials and styles periodically to keep your mode under control. This is supposed to be a hobby so keeping the model clean will help you have a more enjoyable time with it.

Oh yes indeed! :slight_smile: Thank you so much :smiley:
Do you have an Amazon account? In the US?

No. I don’t have an Amazon account.