How to minimize skp file size

Hi i have a model which i need to reduce in size to import into lumion, I have purged unused and tried cleanUp plug in but still too big please help

Hard to tell you exactly what is causing the file to be too large without seeing it. Maybe you can reduce the size of the texture images. Maybe you need to simplify the geometry.

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im new sketchup user how can i do this ?

If your objective is to render an outside scene of the whole town then your model has far too much detail. You have 7.4 million edges and 3.2 million faces. I don’t know what kind of machine you have, but it is very slow to work with for me, even on wireframe view.

If you’re not going to render inside a house, you don’t need all the internal partitions, stairs and furniture modelled at all.

Did you download all these components from the 3D Warehouse?

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yes frome warehouse
thankyou i will try to delete any extra details

Take a look into Brightman Videos:

My advice is to export the sketchup model in 3 parts:

  1. buildings
  2. furniture
  3. node points: for light and trees
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thank youu

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